Younity Yoga offers four types of yoga classes aimed at helping to build a strong balanced practice. All classes focus on breath and movement to increase oxygen uptake leaving your body energized, your spine aligned, and your mind at ease; bringing unity to your mind, body, and soul.


Suitable for all levels of experience, Yin yoga focuses on holding seated, prone, and supine poses for a longer duration. The primary purpose of Yin Yoga is to release tension in ligaments, tendons, and fascia, increasing blood circulation to joints and improving flexibility.


Suitable for all levels of experience, the Basics class is specific to those new to yoga or limited by a physical issue.  Basic yoga poses (asanas) are introduced and variations are explored to establish a foundation of yoga study. Each class is slightly different to provide a wider variety of modifications and variations that can be used in your practice.

Suitable for all levels, the Still class is excellent for both the beginner and the advanced yogi. Still is a series of asanas (poses) that help stabilize muscles from the ground up to improve balance and promote proper alignment, while developing an understanding of each pose.

Suitable for the advanced yogi; however, beginners are welcome to attend. The Flow class, also known as Vinyasa, is a faster paced class with repetitive movements, and integrates movement and breath as you transition from one pose to another.